Design Books and Magazines

Hi all,

My name is Jerry, and I am on a project to find out what foreign design books and magazines are desired by designers in USA / Canada. Is there a textbook, inspirational magazine subscription, or any resourceful literature that you wish you could get here but is not available?

For example, I quite like Casa Brutus from Japan for the lifestyle products and restaurant/menus that are featured. I draw inspiration from this magazine for my own work, but it’s quite hard to find in North America.

For disclosure, I am researching this for my company, We are a design store looking to give back to the design community by sourcing useful books and magazines overseas and making them available in US and Canada to aspiring designers who cannot afford to buy them from overseas. So, if you have a request or suggestion, please let me know!



Hi Jerry, welcome to Core77.

some old stuff you might find interesting while you’re waiting for the folks to add their favs…

Hi Lew,

Thanks for the pointing me to the lists - wondering of those, which ones are most desired… As we obviously won’t be able to bring everything in!