DESIGN BLOG ON COROFLOT let get that going now !!! why Not ?

Imagine this…a design firm/or fellow designers is checking out your coroflot porfolio and also see that you have a blog has part of the options on your coroflot web porfolio …(that you have the choice to keep hidden or shared only with people you choose from your network). The design firm or designers can take a look at your blog and get a deeper sense of who you are… This would another way to differential yourself for all the 1000 of designer out there. Think about this… You could put information about products you find interesting or that you want to design or just products you are just passionate about …also we could conversation with other designer regarding portfolio or design in general…What I’m trying to say just another way to show a different side to us designer’s because we all have many interest…Having the blog publish out there in the world would open design to more people we can get some great buzz about our work or maybe this blog idea is only between us designer that are members of coroflot because then we can start really networking…really making this design thing a real community so that next time I go to and some kind of conference I can talk to fellow designer and say
“Hey I saw you blog on Ideo history that was great…” this would really change Our community I think … I think you like the idea you should suggest it to Coroflot … maybe they will listen…What do you guys think…? COMMENTS PLEASE!