Design Awards

Anyone who has a links to the lists of Design Awards with links and how much is the fee?
I am planning to join the contests under product designs.
Not limited to US, Europe and Asia.

  1. Red Dot
  2. IF designs Awards
  3. IDSA

There’s the Braun competition. Unfortunately, they’re taking a break, but will return in 2012.

There’s the Core77 Award :slight_smile:
How about the Dyson Award.

Then in Italy there’s the Compasso d’Oro, and if you are US based there are the classic Chicago Good Design Awards.

To be honest, I have been to the Red Dot design museum in Essen and it feels very corporate, all this is to keep the for-profit organization running and provide you with a meagre marketing benefit of using the awarded logo. These awards are overrated in 2018.

The good news is, today is the 11th World Industrial Design Day!
This is a more neutral initiative by the World Design Organization.
The theme this year is design for UN goal #3, people’s social, mental and physical health.

So let’s pick the best innovation of the year according to the theme.
My pick is Zipline if only because of the impact of it, drone-delivery of medical packages across the country of Rwanda.

What is your pick?

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