Design "attractions" in San Franciso

Hello there… junior designer from NYC venturing off to the Bay Area next week for the first time!

Can anyone recommend any cool places to visit that are design-oriented, AKA good museums, architectural spaces, houses, etc?


there was a thread on exactly this topic about 2 weeks ago, look deeper.

… or do a search for san francisco (ditto slippyfish).

I’m going to NYC and NJ for work next week and will have the weekend to explore the city. Lawsf, What’s your fav design spot, hangout, bar or attraction that you’d suggest I go? thanks.

Hmmm, well i think NYC might have a lot more stuff to do than San Francisco…

my favorite “design spot” is probably the new MOMA, the Whitney Museum, the Cooper Hewitt (especially during the summer, they have great garden parties). Remember, most museums in NYC are free on Friday nights. Of course, checking out galleries/showrooms downtown is always fun (ie. moss, visionaire, etc.) I wold recommend the Roxy (especially on Wednesday nights!! you can drink and go rollerskating!!), walking or riding a bike over the williamsburg bridge, walking in the rambles in central park, taking the free staten island ferry (byob), the east village, random street fairs/festivals, concerts/free shows in central park (check local paper for listings). My fav. restauraunts: Mexicana Mama (awesome!!), Blue Ribbon Sushi, Lucky Cheng’s. You can always check TimeOut (even the locals read it). There is always so much to do in the city, esp. in the summer… I could go on and on.

NJ on the other hand (I was raised in Atlantic City)…I would indefinately recommend SOUTH jersey if you venture to jersey at all. You can get a super cheap casino bus from NYC (you pay the fare up front, and then when you get to the casino, they pay back 3/4 of your fare) to Atlantic City. It only takes about 2 1/2 hrs. The beaches next to atlantic city are great- Brigantine, Longport, Ventnor, Margate, Ocean City (you can take the jitney for a dollar). If you’re really an adventurist, I would check out “Weird NJ”, a magazine publication that has things like maps of absolutely crazy and weird places to go (believe me, you would be amazed how wacked New Jersey can really be…like for example, can you imagine going to a place that has a giant plastic milk jug for a bridge, or an entire castle made from junk?)

Hope this helps!

Thanks everyone for the hints about the previous listings on San Francisco, however I was looking for a little bit more insight on architectural spaces, things off the “tourist” grid, etc…

  1. 111 Minna art gallery on Wednesday evening for the Qool happy hour.
  2. New De Young museum in Golden Gate Park…not open yet but still pretty amazing to behold.
  3. Friend store in Hayes Valley (I think it’s on the corner of Oak and Gough…?)
  4. the old Mission Dolores San Francisco (whatever it’s called) in the Mission district - not new design but old and rich and creaky
  5. Walk out about 1/2 way on the Golden Gate Bridge and have a good long look at the amazing riveted heavy-duty hunk of iron that it is.

the Limn is hot…

Off and overlooking the grid here’s a place that’ll provide some bearing to the layout and architecture of the city:

The food there kinda sucks and is pricey. Hang out in the lounge and have a few drinks at sunset or afternoon. Bring binos/a mono and hope for clear skies or very very low hanging fog (really cool when that happens).