Design at University of Bath

I’ve been following core77 for several months for my admission and future in design. i got admission at MSc . Engineering Design at University of Bath, which is ranked 9th in UK and 4th for mechanical. if there are any past of current students who can tell me if its good.

one more thing i wanted to ask is, would this be the same as ID, i know this is a old ques with answers both sides, so i decided to enter the modules and let the pundits decide for themself.

Semister 1.

1.Product design and development
2.Innovation and advanced design
3.Computer aids for design

Optional Modules (2)

1.Business processes
2.Materials selection in engineering design
3.Electronics, signals and drives
4.Heat transfer
5.System modelling & simulation

Semister 2.

1.Engineering and project management
2.Research & design methods
3.Project phase 1
4.Group activity

Optional Modules (1)

1.Practical instrumentation techniques
2.Creativity and innovation methods

Im just entering this to get suggestion on what course to choose, and also since my dream is to become/work as a product designer, would this course material make me one, or would i be some other kind. And which is the best design school in UK and im particular about MSc degree, so only a handful univs like imperial , loughborough , aston , liverpool , brunel , bournemouth , coventry , de montfort

would appreciate ur feedback

Not this is nothing like ID. You will not be a designer, you will be an engineer. Seems pretty straightforward to me. It’s a M.Sc Engineering degree, why would you think it is the same as an ID degree?


well basically because this is the only offer i have as of now, and i some universities want me to create a portfolio within a week, which im pretty sure i cant do right now. and the courses had all design modules!. so since it was as such i was thinking if this would be related to design.

sorry to hear the situation, but nope, it’s not ID or design. and yes, all design programs I know of require a portfolio. best thing I could suggest if you want to be a designer is to start the portfolio ASAP and then maybe look at options to transfer to a design program in the future. no sense in getting a degree for something you don’t want to do! (or who knows, maybe you will find you like engineering?).


Those “design” courses are most likely the Engineering version o design, and not Design’s version of design. While you might learn how to design a system, a circuit, or a part, you won’t be learning how to be a product designer or the skills entailed.

then can someone help me with the best option for doing design in UK. i am slightly particular about MSc because if i come back to india, MA is not of much value as a MSc ,

major schools offering MSc are

de montfort

The thing is that the undergrads of most ID programs when it comes to their final years tend to be leaps and bounds better than the masters students, maybe consider an undergrad program. Either way for product design Loughborough and Brunel have strong links in industry and are probably by far the best on that list. If your really hung up on this MSc then probably Brunel. Go and visit them and ask questions, only you can make the decision of where to go.