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It’s been discussed. Ad nauseum. But I’m sure there’s more to say.


I think that first off - they should probably hire a proofreader.

I hope there is plenty more to say - with feedback we can progress positively for the benefit of the design sector.

It may have been discussed many times before - but now it exists.

The overseas promotion of DA is vital and we would welcome views and collaboration on delivery.

very interesting…

I would guess this puts some pressure on the IDSA to make up their mind regarding this issue. If the DA initiative takes off I’m sure IDSA will be concerned about the lost revenue.

We have accreditation in Canada but we don’t have the DA’s “royal proclamation” to back it up. - I guess I’ve been living a lie. :wink:

For clarification - DA will accredit Design Businesses and In-house design teams - not individuals.
There are many organisations around the world that allow corporate membership alonside professional membership.
DA does not compete with ISDA or ACID.
CSD does offer individual accreditation for MCSD or FCSD

We are looking to collaborate - not compete - and I repeat my invitation.

so Frank, how’s it working out?

Thanks for asking - going very well with plenty of interest from around the world. We will be visiting 4 countries before the end of 2006 to cement collaborations. Applications will commence on line next week. Regards