Design aspirations of a Non Designer


Glad i found this forum, i hope atleast a few people might find time to respond to this. Thanking you folks in advance!

I have a masters in communication management from what is considered India’s premier school in that domain. The program was essentially a cross between a management degree and a specialised program in advertising industry, with a specialisation in brand planning. I am a mid-career professional with about 12 years of work experience - spent in communication agencies and newspaper companies.

6 years in newspapers involved product development portfolio with a strong research component. My experience includes redesign of one newspaper, and the design of one more. Albeit from the management and marketing perspective and not from a design perspective.

My last 4 years were spent in managing a small team of cross functional professionals delivering communication design for enterprise clients. During this stint I have created concepts, written “copy”, improvised graphic design through critique and comment, and this is in addition to managing team and as well as client engagement.

at the ripe old age of 34 i am looking for a mid career shift in my area of work. (for reasons too elaborate to explain here).

I am looking for programs which are aimed at professionals like me, who do not have previous training in art and design. Arguably i could start with an undergraduate program but i found a few programs which are optn to people without previous training in art and design. Notably RISD and CalArts’ 3 yr MFA program.

i am curiousto know the opinion of some of the learned members here as to the wisdom of this choice. Other than it being “difficult” are there any considerations which i shd make before i start to apply to these programs.
And if can apply, any recommendations on what schools are open to candidates like me. The ranking of the school is secondary as much as the opportunity to learn and grow.

Apologies for the loooooong mail…
Thank you

Maybe you can check out Illinois Institute of Technology, Institute of Design. They also admit students with non-design degree, and most students there have work experience. Other schools likewise may be Gatech, NCSU.