Design and Politics

Hello all!

I am a recent graduate and have been actively seeking employment all summer to no avail as of yet. My hope was to get a research or innovation job with a focus on social issues. Lately, I have been interested in the cross-disciplinary approach of design thinking and policy making. I have little background in policy making, but have been trying to learn what I can lately. I was hoping for some advice on this career direction if anyone has any? I’d really like to gain some experience in this area before making the decision to possibly going to get my masters in public policy in order to really pursue this.


I’m a big proponent of having more policy makers with design backgrounds, designers actually try to solve problems.

A masters in public policy is one route, a law degree may be worth looking into as well.

If you just want to get some experience you could always look for volunteer positions within your community that involve some sort of policy making.

My current intership is exactly what you’re talking about JH. I am working with a corporation who is looking to create biofuel iniatives in young countries. Our design minds can be very powerful tools when used for good, especially if there is a team involved. Like Greenman said, I think the volunteer route will be a good way to test out the world of policy making.

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I appreciate the feedback. I will definitely continue pursuing volunteer positions and internships in that realm for now. Cheers! :smiley: