design and manufacturing oppurtunity.

Hi guys

i am in touch with a manufacturing company that has a large manufacturing base in metal/textiles/ceramics and candles.
they have bee exporting products all over the world and work with some big names in europe and US.
these guys exhibit new trend collections at most major home and gift shows.
they are trying to put together a team of designers who would give specific design inputs in the area of home decor /lighing/furnishings etc as based the contemporary product trends in their country.
the designers can create their collections and exhibit them at the shows in their booths.
once the team is selected, they would together create themes and work on them. they would then be invited to the factories to get their collections sampled.

i think it is a great oppurtunitiy to be able to work with such a large manufacturing base and also to be able to showcase your collections at the international shows. i have worked with the company on various design projectsand they are really good.the most amazing thing is that you can combine all different materials…they can also outsource materials like wood,etc if needed.

this india based company is looking at different methods to create profit for the designers, this might be based on freelance model.

the team would be setup with designers from all over the world specially from parts of europe/US/etc.

if interested…please drop a mail and we would take it on from there.

p.s- this effort is directed at commercially selling items .

Sorry, but what’s your contact details?

What’s the name of the manufacturing company that’s involved? Do they have a website or some kind of reference that we can look into?

i am based in canada but have worked for this indian company on various projects.

they do not have a website , they are just manufacturers and make products for companies like ikea, pottery barn, pier one, restoration hardware, boots, debenhams etc.
i you are interested and let me know what country you are from, i can forward you the company contact and you can be in touch straight with them.

You don’t have any contact information in your post, and no profile - so there is no way for anybody to reach you.

you could respond on this thread too.