Design and engineering degree -

I’m helping a friend who is considering a dual degree in biomedical engineering and industrial design.

They want to design medical equipment or prosthetics or stuff like that. Are there schools that offer dual degrees or something similar? They really want a good art program and good engineering program combined.

I thought UC would be good, but I’ve also heard RISD has some program with Brown or something. Anyone know anything about that. They are kinda interested in an Ivy league level school

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I recently graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and they have an amazing Biomedical Engineering Program. I have a few friends that graduated with a 5-year Masters Degree, and they have gone on to work for Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical, and Abbott Labs. I remember in our Intro to Biomedical Design class, we did pacemaker design. As far as coupling it with an Ind. Design degree and art classes, most Biomed programs have classes that are specific to medical devices. I can’t speak for other universities, but Cal Poly is very hands-on, so you get a lot of lab time with medical stuff.

Hope that helps!

it’s really either/or. this freind of yours would have to be a prodigy to do both.

the UC BioMed Engineers do their “capstone” Senior project with an ID or two. ID undergrads can sign up for more than one BioMedEng team if they choose, and don’t have to be Seniors themselves.

RISD and Brown have an agreement to allow students into each others’ classes, but it’s so impractical that outside of the Cadaver anatomy class I don’t really know of anything coming of it.

I’m going to disagree with no_spec here and say that you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT need to be a prodigy to both engineering and ID. You do have to want to work. As long as your friend has a willingness to sacrifice most of what is supposed to be “fun” about college, they can do it. I’m entering the last year of a five year program where I’ll get a degree in Mechanical Engineering and one in ID as well. I don’t know of any of the Ivys that offer ID. As for the Biomed thing, there aren’t too many schools that have quality programs in both. UC is one option I know of. Carnegie Mellon and Michigan have both. Also, check out Ohio State, they are starting an undergrad BME and have an undergrad minor as well. Mechanical engineers find PLENTY of work in the medical industry. More schools offer ME than BME, this may open up other options like Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame. Purdue is also really good at both and the offer Biomedical Engineering as well.