design anarchy

This may strike a chord with alot of designers today but I am enthralled by this new book by Adbusters; DESIGN ANARCHY.

Anyone care to reflect on this fine book?

This is the first time I’ve heard of this book - looks like an interesting read, more appealing to my ‘dark side’ than the typical ID books. :smiling_imp:

But for $81 (incl. s/h) to the USA, it’s rather spendy to pick up as a casual read…

I’ve ordered it, but it has yet to appear on my doorstep.
(half price as a student, it was cheaper to have it shipped from canada than to buy it from amazon here in the UK. the wonders/ironies of the globalised world)

it certainly look interesting; ill report back when I actually get hold if it!


i can assure you will definitely enjoy this TOME, not only for the visual assault of graphics, but as well the insightful messages.