Design analysis from the perspective of Social Behavior

Hello, I am here for your help.

During my past years as a furnishing designer in a china-based design center of one global company, I found that some products with good design, which are quite successful in Europe already, seldom could achieve the same success in Chinese market. Even we have done some localized modify.

I have made some design analysis for this phenomenon from points like: culture, aesthetic history, country policy and etc. But, the result is not good enough as I have expected.

At this time, I want to start with Chinese Social Behaviour. But I have not any education background of behaviour design or any related experience . Could anyone give me any suggestions and tips? That will be appreciated very much.

It sounds like you probably want to look for a Consumer Science or Consumer Behavior firm. I don’t have a lot of experience with this in industry, but my suspicion is that most companies that offer this would also be considered Marketing or Market Research. They will probably already have a database full of thought leaders and early adopter types of people in the type of market you’re interested in, who they can interview and hopefully get some insight into their purchase decisions.

I think it’s cool that you did your own research! I wouldn’t discredit it even if it didn’t yield a solid answer - most research doesn’t. It’s especially admirable that you looked at the problem from so many angles. I think maybe a better strategy would be to focus more on following the money - Identify people who buy the types of items you’re interested in and then talk with them to try and get at the reasoning. This will hopefully lead you to the correct deeper areas to look at, instead of the other way around.