Design agents

Anyone have any experience working with design agents? Trying to decide whether to sign with an agent.

Any advice, stories good or bad?

I used one once…during the bad economy days two years ago…in short design headhunters suck, I was able to find the same opportunities 1-2 days earlier. Also, don’t expect much help from them after 2-3 weeks.

Course this all depends what level your at…at the time I was looking for a mid-level design position. I’m sure if you are looking for more of a manager/director level they would put more value on your search.

In conclusion, design agents blow. Their service blows, research blows and ability to “get you in the door” blows. For the most part they look at Core, monster and IDSA websites…in short, work theat you can do yourself.

I suggest going with a larger, reputable headhunter company…I had a much better experience…you’ll have to take time to explain what your looking for but they provided me with much better leads with companies I didn’t realize needed product designers.

I signed with an agent about 3 years back, I fired him last year. Agents have no role to play in the deign world. Clients prefer to talk with designers not agents. I am doing 100% better without an agent. My advice is don not sign contracts with agents, they are bottom feeders.

Has anyone signed a contract with Allan E kiesler or capsule7? What do you think of the agency?

i don’t have any experience in the agent or whatnot but i would say get yourself out there… like, selling yourself on your skill and if you can’t get the gig, move on and try again.

like other said, agents might not be the best in communicating with the firm or the project itself.

good luck :sunglasses: