Design activities in Hong Kong?

A group of German design students will be in HK May 18 - 26. We are interested in visiting important design sites and meeting HK designers.
Can anybody recommend a design firm that would be worth visiting (and, possibly, willing to host ouir visit)? Any educational facilities, besides HK PolyU? An interesting factory? Cultural events related to design?
We would appreciate your local insight very much!

come on, folks… is Hong Kong so boring that nobody can give us a hint?

Just kidding… still, I think it would be so great if someone said, hey, let’s get together and have a talk… what differentiates designers in HK (Asia) from their peers in Germany (Western Europe). Get to meet, invite you folks to Berlin (Design Mai? Soccer world championship?)

Don’t be scared. we speak English, and we don’t bite!

Have you contacted the Hong Kong Design Centre?

HKDC promotes the strategic use of design to create value for business and society, and to advance Hong Kong as an international design hub in Asia.

BTW, you won’t be bored in HK.

Hey stop by PolyU. I’m a Masters student there (educated in Ergonomics at University of Waterloo, Canada). We have another Masters student from Berlin too.


Thanks for your response! We cooperate with PolyU too and are actually planning to visit. I’ll forward this to my students!

there is at least one german owned consultancy that i know of.

hey prof… r u taking part in the ido workshop?

No, I don’t know of an IDO workshop. What is that?


it’s a workshop organized by the HK university of Design. every year, it invites Unis from all over the world to participate to this workshop.

our Uni is one of them and this Friday we are leaving to HK for 6 weeks! This year the program includes also ethnographic research in China!

i asked you cause i think another uni this year is from Berlin…

anyway, hope that you will really enjow ur stay in HK,



this is quite interesting. Even though we (KH Berlin) have an exchange agreement with HK PolyU, I was not aware of this workshop. Can you give me the website of the event, if there is one? Is it HK PolyU?

Kind regards,
Hartmut Ginnow-Merkert


Yes, the university is the HK PolyU. I was wrong, i thought that a Uni from Berlin is also participating but i checked out and it’s from Koln.

Hope that it will be a great experience for you and your students (i suppose that you are supervisor professor :slight_smile: )!



this is indeed very interesting. It allows the participants to get in touch with Chinese culture, and it should be a lifetime experience for everybody involved.

Thanks for sending the link; I now understand the focus of the i do workshop. Just amazing that nobody told us at their Berlin partner university.

We did our design workshops in Taipei and Guangzhou, and our focus was industrial design in China - where are their strengths, where are ours (Western Europe).

The Yunnan focus (development of rural communities) is what we pursue in our joint workshops in Guatemala where we do similar projects with the Maya population.

I wish you well and hope you will be as impressed with Chinese culture as we are.

And thanks again for the info!



Definetely is a lifetime experience! Really exciting to get to know so diffrent cultures.

I wish i could participate in your workshops in Taipei once my girlfriend is from Taiwan and i am really interested in living even for some days in her country :wink: .