Design Academy Master Degree is not valid

Apparently the Design Academy Master Degree is not a proper Master of Arts and some former students are taking the Academy to court…

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‘Two years of design study wasted’

From our reporter Peter de Graaf
Published on June 14, 2009 23:40, updated on June 15, 2009 08:43

EINDHOVEN - Ex-Student Design Academy bales: Road degree.

Arno Verhoeven (40) from Canada after his bachelor chose the University of Toronto in 2004 aware of the Master IM (identity, interior and industrial design) at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. 'The Netherlands has a good reputation in design. I went to Eindhoven to my master’s degree in design to get. "

At least, that he thought that it was also held. After his registration, he received an acceptance letter with the confirmation that he was admitted to 'the Master of Arts degree program.

But he came home from a cold fairground. "I only noticed that something was not in the hook with my final exams in mid-2006. There was a presentation in the large hall, which we received diploma. Then was no Master of Arts, but Master of Design. "

Strange, he thought. A colleague from China won information and was told that it is not internationally recognized title. When the turnips were cooked. The graduates took outraged contact the Design Academy, but was not home. "They took us really seriously. We studied for an academic degree, but HBO received a diploma. How did this happen? The two year study is wasted. The Design Academy is a wonderful school, but it was wasted time. If I want to get my master, I have another two years to study. "

Verhoeven feels badly injured. He now teaches at the Art Academy in Edinburgh. "But I can not teach at a university, because I have a master’s degree required. I can not graduate. And a colleague told me that he hbo’er 300 euro per month is less than an academic, for the same work. "

How many graduates damage claim, their lawyer Toine Hitzert not yet say. These include the fees and study and travel during the two-year training. But also missed earnings elsewhere if they still follow a recognized master. He said that the total claim amount to many tons. He points out that the Hogeschool Utrecht earlier in a similar case 50 thousand euro uitkeerde to a Chinese student. “The damage of my clients can reach such a sum.”

“When the turnips were cooked.” ?!

you gotta love google translate…

I have heard dodgy things about the masters course at Eindhoven from students who have been their.
As it seems, their reputation is blown a little out of proportion.
Jurgen Beys new stuff is just rather ridiculous.

that being said, I am surprised that someone would study 2 years without knowing for what degree.
It sounds a little bit like somebody didn’t read the rules properly.
Or did Eindhoven false advertise?

A better translation :sunglasses:

Students seek damages from Dutch design academy
Published: 15 June 2009 16:48 | Changed: 15 June 2009 17:06
By our news staff
Twelve non-Dutch graduates of the Design Academy in Eindhoven are claiming 50,000 euros each because the school misled them about the degree they would get.

The students had enrolled on a course which they understood would entitle them to a Master of Arts degree (MA), but in fact led only to an internationally unrecognised Dutch qualification, Master of Design.

In April, a court in Den Bosch ruled in the former students’ favour, and ordered the academy in the south of the Netherlands to pay them compensation. The court said the academy had failed to inform foreign students properly about the Dutch education system.

Dutch higher education institutions are strictly divided into two categories: polytechnic universities of applied sciences – like the Design Academy Eindhoven – and research universities, which are at a higher academic level. Only those in the latter category are entitled to award international master’s degrees.

Controversial qualifications

The alumni are claiming compensation not only for the cost of the course in Eindhoven but also for the extra tuition and living costs they will now incur in order to obtain an MA, and for lost income. The design academy is appealing the court’s decision. Henri Beelen of the school’s board declined to comment on the case except to say that the school “disagrees with the judge’s point of view”.

The qualifications awarded by universities of applied sciences, or hogescholen, are an ongoing matter of controversy.

In 2005, for similar reasons, 26 alumni from the Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam asked for their tuition fees to be reimbursed. The academy had been entitled to award degrees in collaboration with Newcastle University in the UK. However, when a change in procedural rules brought this arrangement to an end, graduates could only be awarded a Dutch higher professional education diploma.

The Reinwardt Academy was forced to reimburse the difference in the tuition fees – a diploma course is cheaper than a degree course.

Two types of universities

According to a spokesperson for the Dutch-Flemish accreditation organisation, NVAO, which assesses the quality of higher education in the Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium, the confusion surrounding educational titles originates from the introduction of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the Netherlands in 2002.

The Netherlands used to have only its own system of academic titles, but switched to the BA’s and MA’s degree system so that Dutch graduates would have internationally recognised qualifications. However, a distinction remains between the master’s degrees offered by the two types of Dutch universities – one that is unheard of in most countries.

Dutch education minister Ronald Plasterk launched an inquiry into the problems surrounding the degrees in April. The inquiry played down the extent of the problems experienced by Dutch graduates abroad due to the qualification confusion. However, Plasterk wants the status of the lower-level master’s degree to be more apparent. His proposal will be discussed in parliament on Monday.

You should have enquired about the course content and the university at early stage only. It happens many times that people get trapped in fake university programs that even don’t exist anywhere. It’s highly recommended to be careful while selecting the university. Check the accreditation and other norms before enrollment else you have to bear heavy loss of money and time as well.