Design academy eindhoven

The bachelor program is offered in English?
Or is it only the foundation year?

Thank you!

all of it in english, I think.

first year is in english as all the int students are grouped together.
the upper years - depending on which department you are in. if you are the only non-dutch speaking student in a particular class, i doubt they will do it in english (but of course u can request for them to speak english) all locals speaks english here, so no worries on getting isolated.

but there is an increase of foreign students. so hopefully it will be more english. i have this feeling the school love this unsureness of what its official teaching language is. :slight_smile:

Thanks plantationfarmer, i had this feeling also.
At least i couldn’t find the information myself through their website, and after an unanswered e-mail i thought i should ask here…

Are you studying in DAE? if yes in which department?
How do you find the combination of creativity (concept follows form) via the technical approach there?

Thanks again,