design academy eindhoven

Hi I have secured a place on the BA product and design course at Ravensbourne, but am thinking of applying to Design Academy Eindhoven next year instead. Anyone got any info on:

The interview process, is it hard to get in (I’ve dun a foundation in art and design specialising in 3d design)

How much of the Dutch language do I need to know!

And any other information would be helpful!

Thanks!!! Cos I will have to give up my Ravensbourne place if I want to apply to design academy eindhoven

i wanted to add im talking about there bachelor program

Quick answers-

  1. Yup- it’s difficult to get in. Especially now that it’s famous.

  2. Plenty of non-Dutch speakers go there though they are more forgiving in the graduate department.

Where are you from? Makes a difference.

im from england

just how hard to get into, i do more conceptual design will this help me!

how good is the teaching is it onaly one day a week!

do you go there

Hey Just you ,

Have a glance at some of the discussions here
in this forum. Cos there was a heated discussion on
abt DA Eindhoven recently. Search the forum, U’ll get a
list of discussions.
Also from what I hear they are big on the conceptual aspect of
design not so much the actual tech know how, if u know wat I mean.
And apart from being listed as the 5th biggest design influence in
Icon, I have heard not so great things abt the place from ex students.
Very disorganised, not too focussed a curriculum.

It has a great rep tho.

Good Luck.

thanks but i like conceptual

what department are you interested in i could help

im thinking of the man and living section of the bacholor course as i am interested in product and furniture design but info on the other departments would be nice

do you go to DAE

I’m the ‘qick answers’ guy-

Yes, but I did the graduate program.

Best way to find out is to call the school and see if you can get contact info of fellow brits who are currently enrolled. It will take a bit of research.

Conceptual, yes- but more and more emphasis on implemented conceptual design- making the ideas real.

And yes, it desrves it’s reputation. Most passionate designers I’ve ever met (I’ve been around)

Hi Tom

if you are having doubts about your course in Ravensbourn that you are too restricted I can really recommand you the DAE. It is a very free school
sometimes too free especially in the side classes, like drawing, wood etc.
But if you love the droog design kind of style this will be the right place for you. It is not the most perfect school in the world, there are also problems about the too small workshops, the lessons… But hey I think the perfect school doesn´t exist. And anyway the reputation of the school is at the moment bigger then ever. The dutch queen is even coming to visit the graduation show in oktober.
About the portfolio I can only tell make it as professional as possible. If you did already education in design use your experience and show it. Thats my experience how it worked with me and a friend of mine. We both made a printed book, with some nice layout and explanations of the projects and good photos. The work was rather free some products, graphics, drawings and photography. I think they just want to see that people are able to express themselves. But I also seen people which came in for higher years with totally simple portfolios.
If you need more information you should just call the reception they will send you stuff or connect you with somebody.
About the living department I don´t have the best opinion. There were a lot of changes in the last two years. First the head was Gjis Bakker(founder of droog) he did that for many years and dropt out. Hella Jongerius took it over for one year and the departmnet became really tough, people were working as hell and heads from students and teachers were rolling. Now she got pregnant and there are two heads, Jurgen Bey and Louise Schouwenburg, but they will stop. Means from september on there will be a new head again. You see what I mean with all the changes, the department is a bit falling from one to the other side. But the quality from the last presentation got better again, in general pretty okay department.
But they speak mainly dutch in living, that also depends on the department, others do it complete in english. Lessons are mo and tue for department the rest of the week is side classes(Kompas).
Hope I could help you.


thanks Christoph grate help!!

i just got the BA program admission from DAE and ACCD this year. i’m a taiwainess,and i applied the higher year but i don’t know why there isn’t interview for me(even the telephone interview), and then i got it. maybe the interview just a fruad :slight_smile:

finally, i decide to go to accd, because i don’t like the product that is too conceptual…

[quote=“dean”]i just got the BA program admission from DAE and ACCD this year. i’m a taiwainess,and i applied the higher year but i don’t know why there isn’t interview for me(even the telephone interview), and then i got it. maybe the interview just a fruad :slight_smile: … quote]

Dean :stuck_out_tongue:

so happy to know you got accepted to both schools :laughing: cos I’m from taipei hrhr
(would you mind to give me your email or something? I need your help ~同胞~ :laughing: )

Hi! All. I have just come in to web site. It is interesting web, and I am interested in your topic that have been talking about school. I interested in jewelry design. I want to study as certificate or diploma program. Have sombody know the university or somewhere where I can study. I prefer Europe. Moreover, I read a message which had been talking about The Netherlands that sound interesting. Do they have jewelry design course?
Finally, If somebody know information, please let me know. Thanks for all. :slight_smile:

now one else apply to DAE as im am going to apply for the undergrad course and i dont want the compitition!!

ONALY KIDING all compitition welcome along with info about all the department i like industrial/product dsign what department is that man and… what

plaus any other info :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

when i see this post again i want at least 10 replies!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

love your frendly nabourhood design student :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Douse any one understand what this giy is saying!!!

I think like a lot of us he is confused by what all the different parts of the course are so this is what i got so far:

man and living is product and furniture
man and mobility is (kind of speaks for itself)
man and communication graphic design

The others I have no idea help is required!


amy more info on DAE would be grate!!


way to hard to get into thay onaly take dutch from school if your not dutch you will need a degree already