Design Academy Eindhoven...Who is coming?

What’s up doc?

well in first place I would like to know who will come to netherland to join DAE.???

waiting for some feedback



will make my way there around end this month.

Ok, so I hope to see you there (here…I’m living in rotterdam now…jejeje).

This is a nice country to live and to study as well.

tcha, see you ther plantationfarmer.

You will have to deal with Mona Smith for any question you have. she will be our mentor. she is an absolutely nice woman.

Good Luck



i m going to be in 2nd year studying ID in england but am seriously thinking of switching school because my school is not training me well. i have heard about the great reputation of DA and would like to know more about it. I want to know, does the school prepare you well in terms of design skills sets eg, sketching, rendering, development of ideas, sensitivity to design? and the curriculum? and how much dutch do i need to know to be able to enter? i have no dutch background so will it be possible? and what are they looking for in the portfolio? thank u! ^_____^