Design Academy Eindhoven FunLab

I applied for the FunLab master’s program at the Design Academy Eindhoven about 2 and a half months ago. I e-mailed them a couple of times. They keep saying that my portfolio is received but not reviewed yet and that I should wait for a couple of more weeks. Can anybody guess what this means? it’s june 7th and they won’t ask for an interview but they won’t say “you’re rejected” either.
I’m afraid if I email once again they will grow tired and reject me anyway… I appreciate any opinions if anyone knows about this school’s admission habits. Also any advice on graduate degrees concerning leisure or toy design around the globe would be terrific! Thank you in advance:)

Always when you don’t get the information you neeed by email call.
I had a similar problem in this school, so I called them twice, and got all the answers I needed.

Just call and say you have sent them the portfolio and want to know if they recieved it, and if they reviewed.

I just called to ask if they received it, and they told me the answer on the phone.


If it’s one thing I have learnt with this school is that the people who work there have a serious aversion to email! Answers always come weeks after questions. Always make that call, it’s far quicker!

My partner (who is also Turkish) and I are both off to Eindhoven for our MA in September, so if you are looking for some housemates or any other help then give me a shout!


We’ve been trying to deal with the Design Academy since February and have encountered the same problems. They are impossible with email, so it is definitely best to call. At first we took this as an insult, because their replies to email would be so short and would never answer our questions. However, I think they are extremely busy with admissions, especially this year and simply do not have the time.

If you applied for a graduate programme, I would have expected you should have received a reply by now…we got our acceptances within about a month. For undergraduate, the process would definitely be longer because there are so many more students.

If you have not applied for your Dutch visa yet, get in touch. Design Academy does not help out with the visa application at all, and the Dutch embassy in Turkey is extremely difficult. I ended up applying for my visa but they say the process can take 3-6 months, meaning I would miss the first few months of classes. I still don’t know of the outcome, but wouldn’t mind sharing any information to save someone else from the troubles I’ve been through.