Design a low cost package for eggs!

Hi everyone ,
I am nooria currently doing my bachelors in Product design.I have been assigned to design a low cost package for eggs.The idea is to design something for bulk storage and consumer packing.obviously i shall be paying attention to the protective purposes as while transportation no breakages occur.
The end product will be droped from a height of 12ft for the final judgement.Any suggestions.

Well… there is a wealth of research that should be done on the uses of manatee blubber.

I would also research hard boiling techniques. Possible injection of cement into the egg would be benificial also.

On the subject of eggs. Why arent more packages made that you have to break to open… Much fun!

hmph!the egg has to be fresh … also wat is exactly that blubber … erm forgive me but i have never heard the name … or maybe here in our country we know it by some different name.

you could make some kind of ‘box’ to put the eggs in?

lol yeah thats the idea … a package but materials man …

Maybe look into soda bottle or beer bottle (six-pack) type of cardbard packaging. They are built strong and also easy to transport/ store.

along with having the package drop/ egg break proof. I think also important to see how the design would work with our home fridge (fit)

and then looking at how maybe it could be dispenced with a way that it could be stacked and when you peel open lid you pull out an egg and another egg would roll down and fill its spot. I have seen this done with canned drinks.

have you done any sketches yet? or done any drops with the eggs with different materials? I did a drop with an egg/project and came up with a straw package that worked. the straws (drinking straws) absorbed some of the strike, and also made it a light weight package.

good luck


yup yup i did some experimentation with foam,baloons and match sticks but since i have to make it into a consumer item i have to think in terms of mass production etc.

We dont have a lot of resources when it comes to exploring materials.I am doing some experiments and looking at few books too.this is my exam problem so i have to do well … thesis year.cant believe they gave us this assignment in our final

thanks btw.
shall keep u updated.

This is a book that my 1st year design teacher raved about:

How to Wrap Five Eggs
by Hideyuki Oka

*edit: Of course, I didn’t notice until after posting this that the book is $250… maybe you could find it cheaper elsewhere!

if only i could order this book…amazon doesn’t ship books in our country … have u read the book?any details u can share?that would be awesome.

noone told me what blubber is!

coat the eggs in a heavy wax to make them harder to damage, then create a cardboard container that will hold them in a hexagonal shape with an outer box holding that. It should take alot of the impact out if you make the cardboard cradle the egg and act like a shock absorber.

yeah but i can’t coat the eggs … it’s going to be a consumer product … and not just an experiment.

I was thinking of making a pyramid type package which absorbs the shock … also has some springing quality to it.

whaddya say?

Sounds fine. Now start sketching it.

Sounds like you are off to a good start…Please post sketches for us to critique. This will help us get a better idea of where you are going…