Design a low cost package for eggs!

Hi everyone ,
I am nooria currently doing my bachelors in Product design.I have been assigned to design a low cost package for eggs.The idea is to design something for bulk storage and consumer packing.I have to explore the material as they say design is the process of imposing one’s will on materials.The end product will be droped from a height of 12ft for the final judgement.Any suggestions.

This is your job. You won’t get anywhere asking other people for ideas. Look at current designs, look at materials, look at what you’re trying to achieve (shock absorption, low cost, etc).

If nothing else, look at something completely random for inspiration and make a concept in ten minutes. Like a pinecone, or a bottle cap, or a fedora. Often those will, with enough refinement, develop into the most creative and elegant solutions.

hm…this is your job!! alot more research …look at has many different packaging projects has possible and look at nature and other things… but don’t expect people to give you answers …that would beat the purpose of you becoming a good designer…

good luck…

If you don’t want to come up with your own ideas, i remember seeing some national student competition that involved dropping eggs from a great height (much higher than 12ft) to test cases designed to protect them. Next you’ll be asking me for the name and website, but that’s what Google is for.

this’s more like definition of art.

lol … i know i am suppose to be designing it and i will be doing that … but i had to start from somewhere!!! :unamused:

Also i am a complete dunce when it comes to materials and i have very less time on me as i am currently doing my thesis on living spaces for visually impaired.

anyways thanks for the support.

and keep posted.

Man that was one of my first assignments when I was in pre-architecture (a requirement for admission into the ID program) actually 30 years ago!

I guess some things never change!

(Mine never made it to the ground-it floated away and we dropped it from 30 feet off the top of the building-I got an A 'cuz it didn’t break)

What will you have to do next, mail an egg to your prof’s home by Friday? That was our second packaging assignment.

lol yeah true that! But this sux for an exam problem … I donnnnnt know what to do :angry: and yeah my teacher is a funny man … he’s making a package too :stuck_out_tongue: blah!SOS!

oh and u know the funniest part is that we have bird flu in our part of the world and here i am trying to save the egg! ok no seriously ppl help … :stuck_out_tongue:

See above posts for the downfall of education with ID majors. I for one welcome our India based overlords!

I know what you mean.Thanks for welcoming though!

actually another reason for me posting here was that i hear that a lot of students have done this project abroad so i thot i take some advice on how to go about it.