Descirbe my design in 5 keywords...

Hi all!

Instead of the old ‘please give me feedback on my portfolio’ I’ve decided to try a quicker/simpler/(hopefully) more innovative way to gain reliable feedback. So, I’d really love it if you could describe my watch design in five keywords… I’ll be posting the follow up to it next month but for now I don’t want to give any more info :wink:

  • One-size (does hyphenating make it a single word?)
  • confusing
  • Inaccurate
  • Cast
  • gravity-defying

I am not purposely trying to derail your new system but I like felt I should explain myself / I like to force my thoughts on others.

  • One-size (no way to adjust band other than by replacing it, though I suppose this is common enough anyway)
  • confusing (what do the speedometers tell me? I can’t think what goes from 0-40 and 0-20)
  • Inaccurate (hour hand is between 7 and 8 while minute hand is at 12 so this watch is not telling time, at least not in a traditional way)
  • Cast (the case looks like a brushed casting with smooth transitions around the adjustment knob but the face and the knob have harsh sharp edges)
  • gravity-defying (hehe, silly, I know, but it made me think of the silly watch advertisements where celebrities are holding watches, not wearing them, while looking intensely to the distance. Like this:


Skip five words. Do it in Haiku.

Help! New Portfolio
What do you think of my watch?
Gets only questions.

here is mine in Haiku:

The dials confuse
Time is wrong, will it fit me?
This casting can float.

Haiku snark on a Friday… Nice.

  • H2O molecule
  • Vovlo C70 dash
  • x1000/min, UNLEADED FUEL ONLY
  • flat
  • light pipe

haha I knew this one was coming! The reason I only wanted to post one image is…

The idea was it’s essentially a BMW watch for the iSeries (or it was supposed to be…) and for the brief I had to come up with keywords describing the iSeries and use the DNA from the i8 and the i3. Then the hope was that I would get 5 words describing what the watch was to see whether or not the two aligned. Clearly not. I’ll work this all again in that case!

Really appreciate the honest feedback, thank you for pointing all of these out. It’s made me think a lot harder about how to approach things, originally this was only meant to be an aesthetic piece but that would be a silly thing to put in an ID portfolio if I want to be taken seriously right? Thanks again though, hits it home!

side ways mickey mouse watch

Certainly do not leave it out on my account! With your concept sketches, some images of the cars design DNA, and maybe an iteration of two of the watch and you have a portfolio piece in the making. In context this makes a lot more sense. When selling something, context makes all the difference – when was the last time you saw climbing equipment advertised with the art supplies? The background/process you put with every portfolio piece sets that context. With any accessory concept created by car companies to match their vehicle, they sure as hell set the context or put a giant logo on it.

I would say keep at it. The dials on the side are very much like dash indicators. If the spinner by the date was in BMW blue, I definitely would have understood it at a glance. The blue glow at the edges makes perfect sense to me now too.

This is encouraging and I spent a long time on the concept sketches etc. so it would be good if I didn’t. I will use your feedback to fix it up, I will leave out the two smaller dials, looking back I’m not sure what the point in them was… I’ll post it back up on here when I’ve revisited along with the portfolio work. Thanks Sprockets!

My last suggestion is this – post everything on the forum. My feedback is nowhere near as valuable as most of the folks here.

All feedback is valuable but I will be sure to post it all up here - Core is a goldmine for advice and I know it’s going to help a lot throughout my design school years.


The project is within there, I’d love to hear what everyone thinks :wink: It’s the work from my first year at university (still got a couple of the best pieces to put in after the companies have been launched…)


I think you still have the time wrong. Two ways to fix this: 1) move the hour hand to 8, or 2) move the minute hand closer to 11.

I like the Smart Cooker, but I didn’t even know it was necessarily app-enabled until I read the description to the right. How do you use the app with the product?

Your sketch page presentation looks good, the pages are filled and rendered well. I love the way you showed the smart cooker in its environment, that looks like it too some time to do and I like the way you have done projects outside what was assigned on the course. (Im at Lboro too, I realised the other day!) Your making me feel like im falling behind!

Thanks! That work has taken pretty much all summer but I’m putting together a plan to redo most of it but it nearly there…

AW - I will be redoing the watch so ill bare this in mind, thank for pointing out! I need to revisit the cooker too I think…