Denver Design

How is Denver as an opportunity for Industrial Design? I have been looking around and realize that I need to move somewhere with more opportunity. (I’m in Washington DC)

There is some opportunity, however there is not much. There is the most opportunity with the outdoor industry, which is mostly softgoods. Some smaller one/two person opperations seem like they are doing well if you want to go the start up route.

DC is fun, but expensive and a little dry on the design side of things. Denver is fun. Maybe look out fiver years then work backwards from there. Or look for the opportunity and move to it.

A lot more design jobs in and around Boulder I would say- mostly outdoor & miscellaneous “green” companies.

I worked in Denver for about a year… it seemed like the opportunities would be as an in-house industrial designer or an entrepreneur, as I didn’t get a sense there were many consultancies around there, just one up toward Boulder

I am from Denver left and went to school in San Francisco. Came back for an internship at an outdoor company. Ended up moving back to CA. Now in San Diego. If you are looking for work in the outdoor industry two areas I would look at are Socal and Salt Lake. More outdoor companies are moving from Denver/Boulder area and are going to Salt Lake. If you have more of a tech design firm background I would look else were then Denver.

There’s a big bag manufacturer up towards Boulder/Longmont too, but I can’t remember the name… a big one like Targus. I worked in a tech startup down in Highlands Ranch.

There’s an ID program in town at the Denver Metro College (I used to use their FDM machines in a pinch). Anyway, they might have some leads

i thnk denver design is cool…