Hey Miller, you can not be serious! If you are reading this thread, why don’t you go back SNL. You are the dumbest talk show host in the US. You talk too much- let your guests do the talking. You don’t even know wher you are coming from- your ideology. The reason you are sucking up to Bush cause you are about to get your ass taxed out soon. Hey Miller, what happens when Kerry wins, are you gonna suck up to him too. Pathetic loser. Go screw your monkey!


Miller is real damn funny and tells it like it is. Must be why your so jealous of him you have to write a whole thread devoted to him. He sure is alot funnier than sorry Al Franken. He’s about as lame as Kerry, LOL.

Go screw your monkey. Wow real witty. I’ll bet The Daily Show will be adding you soon to their writers staff.

and who the fuk are you? brainwashed? wmd in iraq? saddam was responsible for 911? lets go to iraq cause it will be too long to find bin laden and iraq will be easy then will win election?

miller funny? gets fired every 2 years. face it. the guy has no identity…Daly would eat him in a second.

terrorists would be gone by now if your dumb leader fought the real terrorists.

This thread is for off topic you freaking moron. I can say whatever I want.
If u have a problem with that email me ilikebigcocks@myass

You poor illiterate retards. My post wasn’t off topic in the least. Miller is way funnier and truthful than Franken. And the quip that the Daily show will be contacting you soon is obviously over your head judging by the lack of understanding you have that I wasn’t rating Miller vs the Daily Show idiot. Now take your medicine before you have another tantric fit because kerry won’t be elected ya nut.

You are so fukn stupid, you actually listen to Miller to get your knowledge on world politics and the election. Why don’t you step aside and look at both candidates and see what’s right for you…not because of what is right for these right wing nazies. Name one reason why you would vote for Bush? It is because he can protect and fight terrosism? You are wrong. I have to remind you that the US was attacked under his administration…not Kerry’s. So, for you red neck idiots out there like you asshole(excuse my profanity) why don’t you think twice. Bush and his war hawk Pentagon staff got their balls ripped out (their manhood) during the First Gulf War that they have been planning this war for more than a decade. The real terrosist is not Saddam- it is Bin Laden. Can’t you see the distinction. You are so dumb, you are actually brainwashed by this administration. Oh well, I guess stupid people like you are easily manipulated…

I typed my original response that way -no grammar- because I thought you would understand it better. Let’s see who the dumb fuk now asshole!!!

Oh yah, this administration never lies to the American people.

I have to remind you that the US was attacked under his administration…not Kerry’s.

And what about the First 1993 Trade Center attack, USS Cole, the Kobar Towers to name a few??? Sure you might want to blame all those on Bush too? Planning for the Trade Center attack was well under way prior to the election. Think Gore would have stopped it? I’d like to hear that arguement.

It’s like a feces throwing fight in the monkey house

Think Bush would have stopped it? rrrrrr NO!!!


that’s about as intelligent as it gets…

“YES” I would like to have a big cock up my ass. I am fron San Fran!@!!!

We obviously can’t know but there is a good argument that Gore would have had a better chance. Bush insiders have said Iraq was his priority from day 1 and everyone knows he lied when he said he didn’t make up his mind to invade until the end (contracts had already been secretly awarded!). Bush dismissed terrorists as unimportant. He even downgraded the importance of the “Terrorist Czar” - the one person who was sounding all the warnings - to spend his time concentrating on how to approach Iraq! How stupid can a president be to ignore the warnings of the person in charge of handling terrorism for his own administration!?!?!?!?

Besides, for all we know al Qaida had a plan in place with Clinton, but they were just waiting for the right president to come to office. Someone really stupid! A president who would lose focus of the threat they posed; would forget the Cole and not bother to retaliate when it was determined that it was al Qaida who carried out the attack. And Bush did nothing to respond to the bombing of the Cole!!! That might have been the sign bin Laden was looking for. Bush must have been a gift to al Qaida!

So maybe al Qaida was waiting for Bush. Maybe they were waiting for a president soooooo stupid he would take a war against the terrorists and use it as an excuse to attack a country like Iraq - a country that was secular and didn’t even support the beliefs of al Qaida! A country full of moderate Muslims who didn’t learn to hate America until after all the killing started. A country that could become a breeding ground for more terrorists. And a war that would turn the world’s goodwill towards America after 9/11 into disgust. Mr Uniter turned the world against the U.S. and made the world less safe and all because he had a vision from God that Saddam Hussein needed to be attacked!!!

Bush should scare everyone who believes in what the U.S. stands for. Just look at how the U.S. has treated it’s prisoners! The administration turns a blind eye to the horror of Abu Ghraib and NO ONE is held accountable except a few scapegoats. And the prison in Cuba? An American soldier posing as a detainee for a test was accidently beaten so badly for not wanting to leave his cell that he has brain damage!!! Is this America? Is this what we should be proud of?

I’m not proud.

That is the weakest soap boxing I have ever heard. Youy’ve pretty much hit all the “demo” talking points from the memo except you get extra points for throwning in the extra o’s in " “soooooo stupid”.

That’s obviously the best YES can do. Another clueless shithead who can’t put up a single defense. How does it feel to be an idiot supporting a bigger idiot?

Are you actually making the arguement that Bin Ladin and al Quada sat around waiting for a president to come into office that they deemed stupid? They sat around in their caves and schemed up a plan to fly planes into the WTC in hopes we would invade Iraq and turn that country into a breeding ground for terrorism and while at the same time turning the world against the U.S.? Al Quada planned these events and the only missing link they needed was Bush in office to make it all happen? This was actually a gift from Bush because Clinton did not act quicky in retaliation for the Cole? Please please state your source on any of that… and the president is stupid?

I’m sure al Quada really had their fingers crossed during the 2000 election praying to Allah that Gore did not win. Otherwise they would have had to wait 4… maybe 8 years to strike?

I was actually going to agree with you before I decided to disagree.

Stupid is Stupid does

Forget the past. Let’s concentrate on the future. There are 150000 US troops in Iraq, 12000 in Afghanistan. The target should be focused in Afghanistan. Is not that the area where Bin Loser is hiding? If Bush did his work right in Afghanistan, the country would not be divided and polarized.

If the US paid Pakistan 200 000 billion (the Iraq war cost) The US would have found Bin Laden.

The other thing, if Iraq, North Korea, Iran launched a nuclear strike on the US. These countries would have been obliterated in 5 minutes. They know this. Of course they will not strike. Because they are a fixed target. Al Qaeda however, is transparent. We should have concentrated our energy on these cowards.

Let’s fix Iraq and focus more on Al Qaeda soon. Not these rouge countries.

Got that “YES” Quit being a smart ass.

This was actually a gift from Bush because Clinton did not act quicky in retaliation for the Cole?

Don’t make us designers look stupid, pal. Learn how to use a search engine. Al Qaeda wasn’t linked to the USS Cole until Jan 2001 and that was just the word of some Yemeni prisoner. Kind of hard for Clinton to retaliate when Bush is moving into the White House. People like you make it easy for lying politicians to get into office.

I’m not going to forget about the past. I would like your specific sources before you change the subject and resort to mindless name calling. I would like to know if there really was an actual plot which relied on the appointment of a stupid president in order for it to work setting off the chain of events that led us to where we are today. I’m not being a smart ass and I’m not stupid. I’m just not spewing mindless propaganda and trying to pass it off as fact. I’d Rather not believe you. I would still like to know where the first 1993 Trade Center attack, USS Cole, the Kobar Towers fit into this plan. Let’s still not forget about those.

Try to respond without name calling or using the word “stupid”… it does nothing for credibility.

Ummm. . . thank you for correcting my error on the Cole. Got a little carried away in trying to connect the dots on this plot revolvng around electing the stupid guy for president.