a quick demo, I’ll try to spark in some text later.

Thumbnails: 20min

Step 1: 5min (10min for final sketch)

Step 2: 8min

Step3: 7min

Finished sketch

Start to finish 40min. Normally I would do 20 to 30 of these and then evaluate the field to select 3 or 4 to overlay and do a bit sweeter to present at a review. There we would select 1 or 2 to do as balls out renderings.

very nice YO. Thanks for the demo.

What would be your output at each stage… or is it all digital (pdf?). In true Canson style it would be sweet to present 2’ wide prints of final renderings, but doesn’t seem realistic.

I took Yo’s Sweet pic and added “Noise” to it in Photoshop to give it the ol’ canson look.

Sorry for stealin’ your pic yo, I will remove it if you like.

Here’s another from back in the day…


it was the “canson” look i was wondering about. is adding Noise good enough? i need to find a piece, scan it and try to emulate it.

i know what’s missing. found an old render. pretty obvious now. will post a comparison image soon as i find a place to upload.

ok. until photobucket accepts new members.

you can see the coarse tooth on real paper. harder to see on unused paper. easy to see where its rendered.

Sweet Canson! More Canson Drawings people!!! “MoRe CAnSoN!!”

having some success using Texturizer/Canvas in PS. but requires some effort. about 12 steps. suks.

almost time for “The Apprentice” so will continue this later. maybe with something to show.

I should have pointed out that when I first started doing these it took me like 3 hours to render one, with time I got it down to 20-30min

Cansons are cool. I remember doing pres boards 2 hours before crit once while everybody else spent all night doing them in other ways. Helps to not have to fill in large areas, makes things very quick if you have a good plan.

Back in the day, I couldn’t decide if I should be a footwear guy or a medical Illustrator

dude, that cracked me up, awesome.