Dell XPS 600!

Is this or is this not the most powerful Gaming PC on the market today?

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OMGWTFBBQ! Has anyone else seen what you can put in the new dell xps 600? If not heres the list.

Pentium Extreme Dual Core W/ HT tech (3.20GHz, 800FSB)
Dual 256MB Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX with SLI Technology
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 4 DIMMs
Up to 1.5TB HDD memory

um wow… Thats all avalibale FACTORY DIRECT!

Can anyone amagine that with a 60 inch LCD tv rigged to it?

It’s incredibly overpriced, they’re charging nearly $2500 for two video cards that can be purchased for under $1000 in their video upgrade.

You could easily build a system that would outperform that for half the price, and have money left over to spend on a killer sound system, monitor, etc. For $4500 you could easily do a liquid cooled system that was overclocked to performance levels well, well beyond anything you would need to play any games today.

Even with games that are being played at max resolution like 1600x1200 and up, with everything cranked still barely tax a single Geforce 7800. By the time games need that much power those video cards will be outdated and replaced with ones that support newer features. Early adopters of ultra high end video cards are usually rich and/or stupid.