Dell Mobile Precision M6300 or HP8710w

Hello there,
I’m new to laptops and I’m in the market to purchase a laptop and I’m trying to decide between the Dell Mobile Precision M6300 or HP8710w

Please Check out
it is for a T9500 and it does not seem to give a final price

Both machines can come with the same configurations

Main difference is a full size keyboard and the screen 1920 x 1200(with the HP)

both seem to be in the price range of $2,200CDN

would you have any suggestions based on experience with these laptops , which laptop would be a preferred laptop

I need to also run solidworks and AliasStudio

Any suggestions about your experiences with these laptops would be great



I run the smaller (15") version of the HP at work. Been happy with it so far, the Quadro solution means it’ll be certified for any CAD apps you need to run.

Build quality is pretty good, though the keyboard on mine is a little chintzy and sags in one corner.

The 1920x1200 resolution is great - gives you a huge amount of real estate for CAD windows. That alone would sell me on one over the other. But I’ve used Dell laptops for years and have never had any hardware issues that made me unhappy, we simply switched from Dells to HP’s at work so thats why I migrated.

running hp 8710w quadro 3600m T8300 (2.4 GHz) 4 gb ram with solidworks 07 and aliasstudio 08. happy with it so far, though i haven’t rendered any photoworks/maxwell or animation in alias. alias real time shade seems to work fine.

but battery life is about 1.5 hours if i’m doing cad. and the ac/dc adapter is big and heavy but not too hot. cooling fan works quietly and occasionally, not continuously. keyboard feel is on the spongy side when keys are pushed, but screen hinge, trackpad, buttons, ports all seem to be top quality. hd failed when machine was three days old but i can’t blame hp for that.

also dell quadro 1600m is only 256 mb video memory, hp 1600m has 512 mb. both give you 512 mb if you get the 3600m chip but that is really pricey and sucks mucho power.

what type of screen do you have ? 1920 x 1200 WUXGA ?

nah, i got the lower res 1680x1050 “antiglare” panel. i don’t need the higher res cause i don’t need the eyestrain of the teensy icons and i don’t care about watching dvd movies at full 1920x1080 res.

that’s another reason i like the hp over the dell, cause dell offers only 1920x1080 or 1440x900 which i think is too low for a 17 inch panel.

Don’t go crazy for resolutions…you want to buy a nice 20" screen or even 24" right away with the laptop…same for keyboard.
This laptiops are not really mobile, so adjust a nice working space with keyboard, mosuse and screen

Have a M6300 with 64bit processor, 8gigs of RAM, and a Quadro FX 1600 and it kicks mucho arse!!!