Dell m90

im biting the bullet and going PC.

is this a good laptop to run alias on? it has the all important nividia card…

anyone rocking one of these badboys??

opinions welcomed.


Every workstation in our office is a Dell Precision workstation. The laptops seem to hold up to Pro E and Alias work just fine. If you’ve got the budget then make sure you spring for the fastest CPU you can afford and 2-4 gigs of ram.

In short, YES.

The m-class workstation laptops can handle Alias without problem. I’ve used the m70 and m60 (m90’s predecessors) over the last 5 years with no complaints.

m6300 is replacing m90, don’t know about any video driver issues with your favorite cad package, but compare prices between the m6300 new and the outlet m90 ( to see what works with your budget.

I purchased one of these a while back after reviewing the discussions on Core. Overall I’m happy… however… A few things to know.

  1. It’s a beast to lug around. (Heavy)
  2. Good luck finding a stylish laptop bag that will fit it. - If you suceed - Please post!
  3. I have had a few problems with the touchpad - it occaisionally “left mouse clicks” when I don’t want it to.
  4. Did I mention it was heavy

Overall though - it runs the necessary 3d software well.

I have had an M90 for a year now and love it. I have sw proe alias and maya installed on the same machine and the video card handles it just perfectly. Plus the higher resolution it offers is much better than previous laptops.

I’ve been rocking one now for almost a year…I’m starting to swap out vista and xp drives…to accommodate for the new SW 08 release…but it treats me well I have no complaints…it runs on intel core duo…2gigs of ram…nvidia quadro fx 2500…no worries…

  1. — Check out Swissgear by Wenger or if you got more $$$ to spend Victornox Swissarmy …both carry decent bags you can squeeze your giant laptop into…
  1. battery life is short (with the hardware under the hood its not a surprise)…so if you need to push some CAD while lost in the woods your outta luck!

but at my last gig we set some ppl up with m70s and they worked great. I would recommend the port replicator + large monitor for a home base. Although I haven’t used the m90s newer, higher res screen.

I take two batteries with me every place I go. I still get 1.3 hrs off one battery or more.