dell m60 and alias

I just got an m60 for doing work offsite. It’s the 1.6 processor, 2 gigs of ram, and the gforce 1000 card. Supposedly a smoking machine…

Problem is Alias seems to crash quite a bit. I use a precision 650 workstation at home with no problems. Anyone else using the m60 with alias? Any problems?

I could really use some advice here as I could still return the machine if it turns out to suck.


Have you checked the errlog under file - show - errlog? Perhaps it lists something there. Other than that, perhaps try to reinstall.

try geting the graphics card drivers that Alias reccomends

I’ve been looking at the Dell 5150 3.2 GHz witha 1GHz of ram.
Any suggestions on a good video card for this one?
I going to use it to run Autocad 2004 and Studio Max for rendering.