Dell Luna modular notebook

I looked through the archives here for a previous thread, but did not find one.

Does anyone believe Dell can mass produce such a product with plastic snap fits all over the place? Personally, I stopped using notebook computers back in 2018. However, kids in high school today may have the curiosity and resolve to make such a concept worth scaling up.

Introducing such a concept via a phone platform first seems more logical to me. Anyone else have views on this exploration?

Google did that modular phone a few years back:

I think these modular systems often seem good in theory but in practice they seem to fail. I think the two big reasons are:

  1. Every component now needs a consumer grade connector and those connectors both add cost and are failure points.

  2. the manufacturer needs to keep the system in production for an extended period of time for the concept to make sense.

Both are surmountable

Reason 1.5: every component and connector also adds extra wall thickness, in an industry where ‘thin’ and ‘integrated’ are almost hard mandates for public success, this is hard to resolve.

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@slippyfish totally, and the more modular it is, the more that kind of thing just seems to compound…