Dell dimension 9100 for 3d design

Im shopping for a new workstation to run 3ds max, alias, cad, photoshop , etc. for animations high quality renderings. Curious how the dell dimension 9100 w/ geforce 6800, 2gig ram, 3ghz chip will perform with 3d software above compared to the precision 380 worksation with same specs except the graphics card which would be the quadro fx 530.
I realize that the percision workstation is more suited for what Im looking for but I can save over a grand by going with the dimension, is the performance differance between the two that noticible?

I would look into the geforce specs a bit more. I know there are certain issues that the geforce has with Alias especially when hand sketching. I had this issue with my laptop and had to upgrade to a mobile FX card.

Program ran slow and glichy prior to upgrade, belive it was the geforce 4100 go card but not possitive right now it has been 20 months since upgrade.