Delft vs IPO Den Haag

I want to study Industrial Design in the Netherlands. I’m half dutch.

I’ve heard though that Delft is quite tough, academic, strict and teachers are not as approachable. I’ve heard that Ipo Den Haag is more hands on, more practical and teachers are more approachable.

I need to be able to approach the teachers because I have a hearing problem. So communication with teachers is a big priority.

I wonder about the two because Delft definately has the better name. Many people know Delft across the world. NOt so many know of IPO Den Haag.

Anybody got any ideas on this?

Also look at the Arnhem School and Design Academy Eindhoven. Where are you from? All the Dutch schools listed are very strong right now- and all have a very different focus- you will need to do a bit of research and it may take more than one shot to get in. However, I have found that the Dutch teachers are very approachable- much more than in the US, and they will bend over backwards to make unusual circumstances work.