Delft vs Ipo Den Haag vs Eindhoven

The name says it all. I’m debating between these 3 dutch schools. Delft I think has the big name and is more academic but I worry that perhaps I wouldn’t get on as well there. I like hands on and also I need good interaction with teachers due to my hearing problem.

It’s important to me to have a good education and have a good backround. I don’t want something just artsy I want a variety of knowledge and skills. I also am very adamant on focussing on my computer skills with design programmes.

Also what I like about Delft is that it has architecture and stuff. I feel perhaps Delft would give me an opportunity to expand into other areas more so than Eindhoven and Ipo Den Haag.

Anyone have any advice on this and btw I’ve already been in cotnact with the schools.

Have not you beaten this to death already. For god’s sake, make up your mind already.

Hello Sarah Kelley,

I am currently studying at the TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering (Master program). I also know al little bit about the students and their experiences of the Design Acadamy and IPO.
If you like I can tell you of what I think of the three courses.
You can email me:
best of luck!

hey sarah,
Ive been following your “topics” its been good for me as I am also trying to" get the right course" together for next year.
Im a British guy and one of the courses Im looking at is, ID eindhoven, ill post my work off there soon, I know it’s cheap but do you know if as a british guy I can get any financial help like that of the LEA?
any suggestions of where else I could look at in Europe that has a great rep,

take it easy and good luck with it all


Guest that’s not very nice. How about just keeping your mouth shut and not bothering to read this thread? I have had some info but am not exactly getting the info I need.
Deciding which college to go to is a big deal. Not something to be taken lightly. I already spent 2 years in a college in Dublin. I’m done with mucking around I want to move forward.

Dt sorry I’m not sure what LEA is. As you said yourself NL is cheap for college. I honestly can’t help you as regards to financial help. I’m not really up to date on that myself though I think as a Dutch national I should be entitled to more financial aid…if I find out anything I’ll let you know though.

What I can tell you is this: Delft are having an open day the 4th and 5ht and Ipo I think the 5th of Nov. I’m going to try and head over. You might want to consider doing this yourself if you have a chance.

I do have one other suggestion: Umea sweden. Free college. You’d just have to renew your visa each year. Check it out. But books are expensive there. I think you can spend abou 700 on books…there’s some good websites…

Imkevenmil -do you have msn? I just added you to my list? Maybe I’ll email you otherwise. I’d definately appreciate some info off you.

That last post was me btw. Keep forgetting to put my name in. Doh