Deleted my post?

Offering constructive criticism is a integral part of the design process. Deleting a post which falls not only within the posted guidelines but also adds to the core values of design is complete bullshit.

What a sad place core has become.

not sure what this is referring to. Didn’t see it, but for the mods to delete something from a regular poster there is typically a reason. Lets see what the team says and stay level.

I didn’t see or delete anything either, unless it was in a spam thread and the whole thread got deleted.


Me neither. Hopefully someone will contact you directly. I have noticed more spam on the boards, it could have been an unintentional.

I looked through the logs and didn’t see anything. Was it on the front page, iab?

I’ll back up iab because I witnessed that. It was a comment to a featured front page article titled something like “Why MIT’s new something something will be a success”. First comment was by David Beck addressing the author in a respective manner, but calling him out on some of the statements and asking the “designer ego” to be kept out of the spotlight or something like that. The second comment was a response to “@iab, or David Beck”. Sometime later I saw that the front page article thumbnail said “1 comment”, so I clicked in again. First comment was gone. I remember thinking “wonder where it went”. I thought iab had removed it himself, because of the lecture in second comment. Although I found it a little strange knowing iab’s level of debating from this forum. There is no way it could’ve been mistaken for spam.

Ok. So it was a front page comment. Different mods. Thank you for the context. I’ll send the front page team a note.

engio is correct.

There is absolutely no excuse for deleting my first post to that article. It was just blatant censorship. When did core become Stalin?

My snarky second post to the article calling the author’s “clever” wordplay of d-washing as redundant did in fact deserve to be deleted. But that is irrelevant.

Is there any reason for someone with 20+ years of “Design” experience to post in this crap hole?

I’ve been a bit curious about the moderation on the main site comments, I recently had a comment questioning a potential bias and source of an article not published, which surprised me given core 77’s history.

We are making adjustments to our comment system now based on this and other feedback. Currently if a comment gets 3 downvotes it gets removed, which probably was the case here – though I’m not ruling out overzealous moderation. We would like to preserve the up/down vote capacity but not let it interfere with legitimate dissent (vs. random negativity or abuse) – there are a couple of options on the table, including a “click to view” label replacing the comment thread if it does hit that 3 downvote threshold but which would unfold the comment if it were clicked.

[ Deleted ]

My God.

So you have reduced “Design” to a popularity contest?

Good job. You have made every dead critical thinker simultaneously spin in their graves. It is now official, core prefers a facebook format over the Algonquin Round Table. I can only thank you for dumbing us down even more.

I think the only next logical step is for you to forbid the use of letters and have all posts written entirely in emojis.

Discourse is reduced to a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Do you even comprehend the incredible stupidity of that policy?

shaggy, you have not made a case. Try again. Try harder.

:open_mouth: ok, so we know where iab stands on it.

Anyone else have thoughts on the standard we should strive for with comment moderation on the main site? Should we have that overseen by a team of super-user moderators as it is here? Anyone want to be deputized for duty out there? or should the systematic method we have in place on the main site be refined and given another chance? and to be clear, the goal with the up/down vote mechanism is to allow members to elevate particularly good comments while pushing down – not necessarily eliminating – bad ones. It is not intended to stifle criticism, or controversy, it just happens that the way it is set up right now is doing that. Like I mentioned before we are trying to address that now.

I would have to say that you method for moderating via 3 “dislikes” and the post is removed is a lazy way to moderate a forum that is suppose to encourage respectful challenge and discussion. if you are going to take this approach then simply become a site that post articles without the ability for the viewers to make comments. What you are doing is no different then company’s that remove bad reviews about their products from their website.

Allowing the system to moderate via a pre-set of dislikes is basically giving up complete control and handing it over individuals who are not looking at the post from a unbiased point of view. I.E I have the honor of writing a post for Core77 someone challenges it, i have three friend “unlike” the post and it is removed. Now if Core wants to ensure that everyone who writes a article for them is “protected” from anyone contradicting them or challenging their opinion then that is even worst - true or not that will be a perception that is created. It is no different then a designer who puts their work on the wall for a critique and gets upset when someone respectfully challenges their design or the logic behind it. (something i am seeing more and more of). To be completely honest i have almost stopped reading all of the articles that Core has posted as i have found many of them to be shallow, lacking depth, one sided, and riddled with information that cosmetic and without foundation.

I know that IAB can be unrefined at times in his articulation and a little more aggressively direct then even i can be, but the post that was deleted was respectfully written and simply challenged the mind set of the article and some statements that if you had 50 designers in a room you would have support for both IABs comments and the author of the article.

I am not sure what has been happening behind the scenes at Core but obviously something has -

  1. new conform with everyone else site design look and feel
  2. poor technical execution of the site and the architecture behind it (it has taken me 4 weeks to get my login fixed and it still wont work i finally just created a new account)
  3. a steady decline in truly deep and meaning full content

A few other points but to be honest it feels as if core either got bough or people decided that they wanted it to grow so lets wash it down to please the masses and increase traffic that way… you are quick becoming vanilla…

Chevis Watkinson

Well put, Chevis. I think you’re right on all accounts.

I’d volunteer to moderate the main site, too, I just don’t know how much time I could devote to it. I do appreciate you (and the other Core “insiders”) responding to the call for changes. That speaks more to your devotion to the regulars around here. However, you have to be very careful you aren’t losing the Core of the site. I’ve had numerous friends approach me to ask what happened to the site, and that’s concerning…

I can’t speak for comments on the main site as have never commented. I can hardly speak for articles as I previousky found them far too much about random art, not design, though I browsed the site almost daily. Since the new UI have never been to the front page more than once to quickly leave as I dont know what I’m looking at and don’t click on link bait.

Fundamentally I wonder why the front page has got so far from the core boards content and user base? Are we just all totally different types of consumers? I would think there is still a need for real content. Core77 boards I recommend to everyone I know and teach as a “must read”. Core front page I couldn’t even tell you what it’s about or why to go.

Is it a question of monetization driving mainstream content and interaction?

I think reducing the opaqueness of the current system as described would eliminate the issue raised in this thread, I also think a flag as spam versus approval by moderator system for comments would be better as the current method is a bit Orwellian. It might save work too, hard to say in the spam wars.

Edit: didn’t see the second page of comments. I won’t blanket dismiss the content on the front page as I often find interesting posts, however I will add I am not a fan of the new layout. The old design was aged but efficient in presenting information quickly and chronologically- The new design requires more time and attention to see what is new and separating content from advertisement. Maybe this provides more fiscal opportunity for Core, but the site has definitely fallen off my regular “surfing” (makes me sound ancient) rounds on a break between work.

at least you didn’t say “web portal” :slight_smile: