delete this


Its very rough, use it as guide to draw it once again with clean lines and than try to shade it bette. So i would not put it in portfolio in this stage

O well i don’t have lightboard :cry: how can I trace it???

Humm I wuz thinking… if I only could get a piece of clear glass or plastic somewhere I could make an improvised lightboard with a lightbulb…
The only problem is knowing where to get the said plastic/glass…

I wouldn’t put this in my portfolio as a finished design sketch. I would, however, put it in if it were amongst 200 other similar thumbnail sketches you cranked out in an hour or two.

You can very easily trace with typical copier paper. You don’t need a light board.

Well I couldn’t find a copier paper and I was able to find a clear piece of plastic so I have an improvised lightboard lol :slight_smile:

And it took me like a whole day to do I wish I could make 200 of these lol

Dammit lol I can’t get a good trace; every time I try the lines look all jiggly and I can’t make perfect ellipses and I don’t have ellipse guide too :unamused:

One piece of advice. Slow down, take your time, and be calm. You can see in your sketch that you are getting frustrated. It shows through the lines. Go get some regular copy paper of printer paper. It usually has enough transparency that you can see you lines underneath. It is also cheap.

I just need to get the ellipses right. Tell u wat I’m gonna do tho: I gonna just make premade ellipses in illustrator and print them out and then trace on top of that. I’ll let u know how that turns out)

Hmmm… So I got tracing paper, now the tracer line seems to be extremely shaky. How do I control the line quality of the overlay? Should I use french curve or adjust the size of the initial sketch?

keep your wrist off the table , use your arm instead and go fast. do a bunch of them without even judging them as you go. draw.

Can U post a link to some examples of traces plz?

I gonna poast my results trying ur method later.

maybe the better advice now ought to be, before learning to design, learn to draw.

hotsuma it seems to me that you are putting way to much thought into this. I would just keep practicing. draw fast using your whole arm. there is no quick fix. its like running a marathon, you cant expect to go out and do it tomorrow, but with enough practice and training you’ll get there. so keep drawing and posting new work. goodluck

Okay here’s the improved version after using JGray’s method.

Here I purposefully didn’t draw all the buttons because then it has kind of too “finished” look to it that would fit in well with a rendering rather then a sketch. I was going for more “sketchy” feel.

I am starting to get the feeling that this is not a legitimate attempt for learning how to draw and more a trolling exercise.

you should be posting a page from a sketch book with tons of sketches not just one sketch. nobody (or atleast nobody should) “sketches” one and calls it a day. in the time since you first posted you should have hundreds (not an exageration) of sketches with different ideas or attempting different techiques. lose the computer for a bit and use just pen or pencil and paper and maybe some markers. keep up the work and remember sketching is supposed to be relaxing and fun so just let it flow and show us what you come up with no matter how you think it looks.

happy sketching


You can’t spell, lol.



So the answer is: I wouldn’t make a portfolio if I were you. Not until after completing several years of basic education.

Please do not dilute our profession that we take very seriously as our primary source of income.

I suspect youre right. Check ip’s for double accounts?