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Well, I have over three years experience as an ID guy and haven’t found a job up here yet. Moved back here a year ago because the wife got relocated and makes a heck of a lot more than me. So here I am. I’ve been sending out resumes like crazy and have only had offers for CAD jockey positions. I’m not interested in that so I’ve been doing work unrelated to my field. I do have interviews coming up back in Ohio (where we came from in the first place) so go figure. It’s tough out there. I haven’t really seen any internships here at all. Seemed to have all but dried up. I wish you the best!!

almost all of the major offices (continuum, eleven, ideo, essential, insight, hlb, etc) in boston give internships. some firms post their internship schedules on their websites, you’ll have to check. but the best rule of thumb is if you want to intern somewhere, put together a solid portfolio and let them know you’re interested.

this means (a) putting together a portfolio of more than one project. (b) looking up the address or email addresses of the places you want to intern at. and (c) sending them out.

these places aren’t going to come looking for you for christ’s sake.

and for future knowledge its usually a good idea to start looking for an internship about 3 months before your prospective start date. most places are hiring interns for summer placement in the spring. if you’re looking for an internship for the summer on june 14th then you’re putting yourself well behind the eight ball.

How do you even go about finding out who is hiring for internships? Do you call the company or are there postings somewhere? I know about Coroflot, but listing seem bit stark.

yes that means you have to call the firm. the only way to know if a firm is hiring interns is to ask. in general companies only post “want ads” when they are desperate.

most places that post on the jobs page at coroflot have been looking for people for months.

Theres tons of places in Boston that you can intern. What I would do is check out some companies like continuum, proteus, radius, essential, etc etc and just e-mail them or call them and ask about their internship program.

Internships constantly rotate, so the key is just finding out when they start looking and if you’re looking for a summer/fall/spring internship. The nice thing is even if you get turned down one semester, if you follow up the next semester with an improved portfolio, it not only shows your improvement but that you’re persistant and interested in the job.