Delage Pour Tout Aero Coupe


I love the heart shaped license plate surround. I also love Delage. Beautiful coachwork too.

I also love Delage.

Not bad for a blind guy… Louis Delage was partially blind, from birth.

Another foggy morning in Monterey.
1935 Delage D8 85 Clabot Cabriolet (last series designed by Louis)
Coach work by Henri Chapron / Coach work later updated by Robert Clabot

The only shot I could find of Pour Tout Aero Coupe with the rear deck up. I’m guessing that the hinge details would have been a wonder of mechanical engineering unto themselves, too bad they aren’t visible here. Wonder where the fuel filler is on the vehicle? Maybe it runs on beauty alone … :wink:
1937 Delage.JPG