Deisgn degrees not valuable in the future workplace...

This according to Jim Caroll who runs his own innovation weblog:

In an article which apparently has been published nationwide, he said the follwing:

Carroll said his 13-year-old son is currently
trying to choose between taking
international business and technology or
science and engineering because “both
he and I recognize that an arts degree
will not prepare him for the specialized
nature of future work.”

I personally think that is a load of crap. Is he living under a rock?

I actually respected this guys views up until now. I wrote him a lengthy email explaining how I dissagree with his point of view and honestly thought he was wrong. I pointed out that design has been key to recent growth for companies like Apple, P&G Motorola and even Target.

I also urged him to take his son for a tour of an ID departmet at a local college or attend a regional IDSA conference.

Stuff like this just gets my blood boiling. :imp:

I urge you all to do contact him as well.

Read the article, but dont seem to think he was talking about a design degree in his reference to an “arts degree”, I think maybe he may have been talking about a traditional arts degree (B.A.) that doesnt lead to much.

If so, I’d agree.

do you have a more specific reference?