Degree Show Etiquettes?


I am completely clueless on how you network during degree shows.

  1. How interested are the potential employers? Is it impolite to snatch them and start talking about your projects and portfolios? Or are they interested?
  2. Is it inappropriate to ask visitors about their job and what they do?
  3. Is it alright to offer them my business card so that I can ask for theirs in return?
  4. When I send follow up emails, is it alright to request for a receipt for delivery and know whether it’s read?
  5. How long should I wait before I make follow up phone calls after I sent the email and had no reply?

I would really appreciate some advice.

  1. Generally to very interested. Impolite to snatch yes. Friendly hello, introduction, and quick project description, then let me look for awhile and ask questions.

  2. It is very appropriate to ask, politely and with genuine interest.

  3. If you don’t offer a business card I will not remember you.

  4. Irrelevant.

  5. A week or two or three, people are busy, travelling, etc.

this response is regarding question number 4.

I hate it when a student sends me an email with a receipt of delivery attached to it. it just seems like they are spying on me to see if i read their email. I don’t do that stuff to my clients or coworkers… in fact the only time I’ve ever received an email with a “receipt” attached to it was from students.

In my opinion it’s lame, so don’t do it. I just think it shows insecurity.

if I don’t get back to you right away, don’t be afraid to send a polite email following up… news flash, it’s not my job to read your emails. Chances are if you don’t hear back from someone it’s because your portfolio wasn’t good enough. Although there is the chance that I just plain forgot to get back to you because I’m busy with my job. And even if your portfolio wasn’t good enough a follow up email is a great way to get feedback on how your work could improve.