Degree or Diploma / Industrial Design Reading

Hello, couple advice questions.

Im extremely interested in design at many levels. Commercial and residential interior/exteriors, but mostly Product/Industrial Design ( Furniture, lighting, table wear, ect, ect ). The idea’s flow non stop, but how do I take them to the next level.

Heres my first question, Im currently taking Architectural Drafting but am interested in pursuing schooling in some of my other area’s of interest.

Would pursuing a degree in Architecture or Industrial Design ( 4 YRS ) be the best bet for a “meets all requirements” schooling in all processes of design, or would taking a few 1-2 year certificate/diploma courses in Interior Design, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, ect, ect be as good for “Product/Industrial Design”.

Also Im having a tough time finding good literature on Industrial Design, and how a concept becomes a product.

I come from the thought that hands on experience is sometimes better than schooling, but in the realm of Industrial Design Im finding information and fact hard to come by.

Any help or advice would be appreciated, and this website is starting to shed some light, thanks in advance!

do a quick boards’ search for required reading threads.

check out the IDSA and Core77 book reccomendations lists.

go visit the nearest University/Art School and talk to faculty + students.