- yet another design blog

i started an (industrial) design blog. mainly as a way of bookmarking interesting finds for myself, but figured i might as well share it with others.

posts include competitions, interesting studios and companies, online resources from industrial to communications design, and anything else that comes along …

feel free to subscribe at

  • martin

Hey man, welcome to the boards. More than happy to have you participate in discussions here, but it is a little bit of a breach of forum etiquette to parachute in, advert your blog, and then peace out without adding anything to the conversations here.

hi michael, thanks for the note.

any breach of forum etiquette is unintentionally. if this kind of post is not ok, i apologize, and feel free to delete it.


  • martin

If you find something you think is worth sharing, just post it here. We’ve got quite a little community going and we’ll have a discussion, bounce things back and forth and you’ll probably get more out of it than simply posting links on your own site.

I agree. There are some great discussions here and it would be great to hear your side of the coin as well. Like Mike said, welcome and can’t wait to hear from you in some of the other threads.