Definition of Isoparm

Does anyone could help me out by giving me a sharp definition of ISOPARM?

Google confirms that it’s found both ways, but I think the actual term is “isoparam” (note the extra “a”) as in “Iso-Parameter?” If so, I have no idea what ISO means (International Standard Organization?)

I’ve frequently heard it called “isoparm” and always thought it was just verbal slang.

I`ve got it thanx anyway

Isoparm or an isoparametric curve is a curve of constant U or V value on a surface

Ah, so “param” is actually shorthand for “parametric.” Still curious about ISO though–would they standardize on the definition of “parametric?”

iso just stands for "constant"i.e. isoparm (or isoparam, the verbal slang version) meaning constant parmater line in U or V. In a more general vein, isotherm is lines on a map of constant temperature, isobar is lines on your map of constant barometric pressure etc…

Hpe this helps…

…and an isoceles triangle with all 3 sides being the same length and all angles being 60’.

You see the prefix in isometric also.

It really helped a lot. I can see clear now. Thank you