Defining Value for Concept exploration work

I am going to add more to this in order to provide better insight - but at a high level i have asked if i can create a formula that helps better to define what the ROI is on upfront concept development - a project that is purely exploratory in the the sense that we think we have identified a problem and we now develop solutions to test and see if it is a real problem which then turns into a product that we test to see if that solves the solution - keeping at all time a eye on CAN WE MAKE IT/DO PEOPLE WANT IT/CAN WE MAKE MONEY ON IT - right now many (number people) are trying to take ambiguity and transform it into something tangible from a ROI stand point.

Wanted to get the groups thoughts…

I will also be looking at how we should define success for such projects…

NPV - Net Present Value
It is a formula loved by bean counters and public companies around the world.
But as always, if you want to cook the books, it is easily done. If you want garbage in, you will get garbage out.

We also use a more subjective yet more accurate assessment that looks at value to the customer, competitive forces, market potential, profitability and strategic fit. Really can’t share it. Sorry. :frowning: