Defining the design a different way

I ran across this interesting article redefining the I-Pod or Walkman experience.

“Through interviews with Walkman owners and now iPod buyers, he [Dr. Michael Bull] found that listening to music acts as a shield, aura or cocoon.”, the article states.

It makes me wonder what other concepts we could develop through identifying creating personal space as the design goal.

This is an absolutely interesting question and, more over, your question, "what other aspects can be designed… " is very intriguing.

That is an interesting article, I like to wear earphones at the mall so sales people don’t ask me if I need anything.

Is there some way we can hook up with some of these people doing this type of research, maybe at some of our conferences, we ought to invite them. Was this guy a social anthropologist? is that what the field is?

sort of connected to this could be the article a couple monthes back, Ill post a link if i can find it, about the embeded anthropologists in the state department and dept of defense to help reconstruction in afganistan. Maybe we can talk to some of these folks to learn about design for the other 90

It’s funny, I used to think that Bluetooth headsets should have some clear indicator that they were active on a call, to let me know that the user 1) isn’t crazy and just talking to themselves and 2) not talking to me. But now after reading this article, it would seem that this sort of idea might be counterproductive, if the users intention is to appear occupied at all times and purposely avoid contact with others.


Dr. Michael Bull, reader in media and film studies at Sussex University in the UK:

Maybe headsets should have lights on them to let others know when you are on the phone, but also to let people know you don’t want to be bothered. It’s a good idea. I’m already thinking of getting some iPod ear buds, just for going to the mall!

This would be a nice idea if we lived in an altruistic, compassionate world where everyone respected one another’s privacy. The reason why the current headsets and ear buds work well, is that the outside world thinks that you can’t hear them. Pan-handlers, marketing research people, those undesirables pursuing conversation with you probably don’t give a rat’s ass about whether you want to be bothered.

Oh, and I think ear buds are required for the mall too, as it’s such a dreadful place :slight_smile: