Defining Design in Singapore

How do you Define Design?

The word “Design” is thrown around business circles, magazine covers and store shelves but do we know what it really means?

I have recently began a project with some design colleagues in Singapore to try to jump start a discussion of what design is and what it can be.

With a newly developing creative scene, Singapore is still in the early stages of asking where the creative industries can take them and what direction that journey should head. Our project aims to help shape the creative landscape and maybe add to the map as well.

As “Define Design” we are interested in sparking a conversation about the expectations of design in today’s public sphere, marketplace and business world. We hope to attract thoughts and opinions from around the world to influence a local conversation here in Singapore. As our dictionary expands, we plan to host a forum and exhibition to coincide with the Singapore Design Festival in November 2009.

In order to start this discussion though we need to hear from folks from all walks of life and design fields. As Core77 readers I know you are already interested in talking about these kinds of things. So if you have a moment, swing by our website and add your definition.

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Thank you for taking the time to add your voice to a global conversation.