Define: Design

So what is a pure, real, “designer?” I guess perhaps that’s the real question here. It seems industrial/product designers have been trying to claim the title of true “designer” of late (which I won’t really object to), but I had always felt that there wasn’t any pure “designer,” unless that person is a multi-disciplinary designer. If anything, among the general public, I think fashion designer is the first profession people think of when they hear “designer,” though I think product design has made headway with just plain “design” (no -er). I guess it’s nice, as a product designer, to think we are the real, pure ones, but I’m not sure everyone would agree.

Or maybe you’re putting fashion designers, graphic designers, and product designers (and maybe others who can be placed in the center of Yo’s diagram) into the category of pure, real designers under which there are sub categories (like commercial or residential architect)?