Deep drawing aluminium

I’m looking into deep drawing an aluminum lampshade. The only thing is that it’s pretty big and deep. Top diameter 17cm, bottom diameter 35cm and height 50 cm. Just wondering if this is possible! Weight is a big issue, so i am hoping to do make it in 0.8mm aluminum instead of steel.

Do you mean stamping it? How about spinning it instead?

what’s your volume. a spinning would suit lower volumes…assuming its a revolved form. I would as a local contractor as they would know best.

yup, stamping is what I meant : ). I’ll have a look at spinning.

Thanks guys!

Yes that is too high of a blank/part diameter ratio for deep drawing processes.
You can inquire for hydro-mechanical forming and you can even build in complex elements like ribs.

Does anyone have experience with deep drawn parts with multiple cavities? Say we want to deep draw a muffin tray, are there any limitations other than the regular things?