Dedicated Packaging/POP section in the forum

I’d like to chime in also. having been in the POP industries for over fourteen years it would be great to hear from others in the field, Industrial designers account for a great number of designers in this field, One that I feel has always been shunned. I’d like to see this also addressed in the Coroflot job listings as well, hunting thru them for a POP job is a mess. I’d like to hear from others.

I’ve been talking to a few big worldwide agencies lately and it’s amazing to hear just how seriously these guys are starting to understand the importance of in-store display and that physical connection to the consumer.

I really feel we’re at a pivotal moment for retail design at the moment because of the over saturation of traditional advertising and the in-ability of the internet to truly to deliver the focused advertising that it has always promised and it’s my understanding that it’s still not quite ‘there’.

The increasing importance of well designed displays, fixtures, packages and environments that re-enforce brand messaging will make our area of expertise much more part of a products marketing strategy and not just an after thought with minimal budgets.

I’m sensing the beginning of an uprising here…


Well everyone will be happy to know that the Core Gods have heard us and R and I will be setting this up. We plan to create a topic around Branding, Retail, POP, Packaging, and everything else that makes you buy stuff. The only thing we do not have at the moment is a name for the new forum. If anyone has any suggestions please let us know. Here are a few that we have thrown around.

Branding and Retail Design
Branding and Experience Design
Retail and Experience Design
Identity and Experience design

I’d like to introduce you to my new POP design company…



Yup, it’s true! :slight_smile:

In addition to a name, we’re also looking for a subtitle. I’ve suggested perhaps something like “everything that gets to buy stuff!”

?? thoughts?

As soon as we get a name, we can get the forum up and running!


The Branding Iron

  • all things brand, retail and identity related

Branding & Retail Design sounds pretty straight forward

I guess I can take this tie off now :wink:

I like Branding and Retail as well. R, I like the tagline!

Finally, we’ll have a nice little home for us ID outsiders!

It would also be nice to have some networking opportunities, seeing how companies are realizing how important this aspect of design really is.

My thoughts:

Call it: “Brandisphere” - The level at which brand, identity, and retail design originates.

Or something to that effect.

hmm… kinda like that.

or perhaps what about something with the term Visual Merchandising and Display Design instead of Retail? I know theres a few trade journals that use that…


I feel that leans to far to the display part and not enough to the branding. What about Visual Branding and Merchandising design.

I didn’t mean the whole name would be VMDD, rather just throwing the term Visual Merchandising/Display out there… I’m keen on the graphics and branding part so for sure think that would be part of it…

so far I’m kinda leaning to the Branding Iron thing with a descriptive tagline of what that includes…


I think that is an interesting one too. If that works for everyone else I am cool with it.

Ok All,

So, here’s what I propose-

The Branding Iron
The things that make people buy stuff, including Branding, Graphics, Packaging, POP and Display Design


keep in mind it is only a title and that the forum can be a catch-all for all the above and more as it evolves. It’s also possible I’m sure to re-title it if need be if the focus shifts in the future…

If we can get a consensus (or at least no other contenders for a title/subtitle) in the the next day or so we can go ahead and set the thing up for you all to contribute to. (here’s hoping for lots of good stuff!).

Suggestions for Stickies (ie, Branding, Graphics, POP, Packaging design links, etc.) would also be appreciated so we can start it out with a few seed topics.

If anyone also has some case-studies or other goodies we can start with, let us know, so we can start out with a bang!

I’ll also check into moving existing topics that are relevant (ie. the Pepsi/Tropicana thing to the new forum once we get it going).

Perhaps if someone also wants to perhaps write a cover article for the core77 blog outlining the industry maybe vs. ID I can see if we can get something a little more in-depth than the usual announcement one-liner post on the core77 front page (no promises, I’ll need to email the core peeps).

Thanks to all the support so far, hope this can take off and perhaps be the next Footwear Forum (the highest viewed specialized forum to date).


The Branding Iron sounds like a winner to me.

As far as starting off, one blog we can add to a list of websites that I always frequent is

Yes! I’m somebody! Really, it’s just the first thing that popped into my head.

Your subtitle works for me R. It’s pretty inclusive of the type of topics that should be put there.

oooo, I missed this one. This is a good idea.

+1 for the Branding Iron

yeah +1 for The Branding Iron