Hi, I am considering going to school for Industrial Design and need help on deciding where to go!! I looked at the Art Institue in Orange County, CA but they want $85,00 for the program. I am also considering Arizona State University and because I would be an in-state student, it would run me about $35,00. I am trying my best not to totally base it off money, but it is kinda hard! Does anyone know the reputations for these two schools? Any advice or insight? PLEASE HELP!!

For my two cents… A University is always better than an Institue. The opportunities to learn form experts in fields other than design are invaluable. I went to a university and spend a significant amount of time in the social science department studing psychology, sociology, and anthropology, which has helped me tremendously in my professional work. Also the chance to collobrate with students in those disciples will make your design more well rounded, and diverse. You will have access to better reseach, and resources.

For me learning these things and being exposed to these and more, were just as valueable as my design education. Plus 50G’s feels pretty good in your pocket when you are done with school and need to start paying off those loans.

Good Luck!

Neither: Do more homework here:

And to balance the above point: I went to an Art School and the amount of design theory and design history I got there was awesome and very beneficial. Also, you can’t underestimate the value of being surrounded 360 by creative people in all different disciplines.

Neither is right or wrong, but typically one or the other will be better for you. Visit as many different schools as possible and make your decisions on that.

good advice.

i just moved to orange county from the east coast this past fall. prices are crazy-insane. everything seems pretty normal, then you start looking at housing and your sense of monetary value gets distorted like a cubist painting. lots of stupid expenses at the sake of “image”. i guess i’m lucky i can stick to my detroit-raised roots and keep away from that. the OC is awesome from the culture and design inspriation is everywhere. i would stil goto a university, though.

Thanks for the input! Im gonna tour ASU later this week. Gonna do more homwork on other school around the country as well. I just dont wanna make the wrong choice. . .

Does the Art Institute have a bad rep? Im not trying to call them out, but I dont want to waste my time either.

I hear you. My advice would be to look at a lot of schools then, do not limit yourself on location. The best at the moment in the US are University of Cincinnati, Cleveland Institute of Art (not related to the Art Institutes), CCS and of course Art Center.