decisions decisions......

is moving to a big branding / strategy company a good idea for a I.D?

They do environment/furniture design but not really any product.there is no defined role - they just want me!

good step up out of the shrinking product design field or step backwards?



…design/brand strategies ultimately limit the designer role…every product variation uses the same design (branding) elements and they become quite predictable…not unlike the ipod nano.

Are they hiring you as a design strategist?

There’s a lot more money there from what I can see. It’s going to be different. You won’t be doing technical stuffs and deal with specs. Deliverables will be different for every client because everyone has a different need. One designer who did that for many years and decided to come back onto the ground described it as “higher thinking”. I don’t think it’s “higher”, just on a different scale.

It’s going to be exciting and unpredictable. If I were you and if I know they do good work, I’d go for it.

If they are hiring you as an ID designer, then it’s a different story.